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  • Photo of cover of map of Norra Halland. On cover, there is a picture of man walking in open forest with large trees
  • Photo of back cover of map of Norra Halland.  Cover has map of southern sweden with area covered by map delineated by red box
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Norra Halland 1:50.000

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This great map covers Norra Halland. Great to have when visiting the Åkulla boksogar or Varberg.  There are so many beautiful places in this region and this map offers a lot of nice detail to find your way on or off trail. 

Calazo always prints their maps on a material called Tyvek. It is made of a synthetic fiber that makes the map completely insensitive to water and very tear-resistant. A tyvek map does not tear in the folds or lose color when you use it.