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  • An orange colored book called "Vandra Bohusleden" with a picture of two people standing underneath a mountain on the cover
  • The backside of a book containing the summary of the book aswell as a person cooking food in the wilderness
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Vandra Bohusleden

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The Bohusleden's 370 kilometers offer the hiker a varied experience in the less exploited parts of Bohuslän. Expansive views from bare rock outcrops are interspersed with deep forests. Small-scale agriculture and remains of industrial history are mixed with heather and windswept pines. The Bohuslän rift valley landscape can sometimes challenge the hiker's leg muscles, but the trail is rarely difficult. And the beach and the ice cream stand are never far away.

The content of this swedish written book is divided into two different parts. The first part describes all 27 stages of the Bohusleden with all the necessary practical information, such as where the nearest bus stop or train station is located. The authors also give personal tips about which wind shelter is coziest or which bathing lake is best along a certain stage. The second part of the book describes 15 suggestions for hikes that can be done by combining different stages of the Bohusleden, these are both day trips and weekend hikes with overnight stays.

Karin Fingal works as a freelance journalist in Gothenburg. She grew up on an island in Bohuslän and loves being in nature, preferably both in her free time and during working hours. Fredrik Schenholm is a geologist and adventure photographer. He often photographs skiing, preferably abroad and in extreme environments. Together, the authors have previously published Det vilda Göteborg, which guides families with children to local nature experiences, on another publisher. Fredrik Schenholm has also written the instruction book Äventyrsfoto.

This is a revised 2nd edition of the book published in 2021.