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  • A brown glass bottle with a white label and a white cap standing on a gray background next to its cardboard box Nelson garden called Trico garden
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Nelson Garden

Trico Garden KRAV märkt

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  • TRICO Garden is a KRAV-approved (Swedish label for organic produce or products) made from sheep tallow, which with its scent and taste deters deer from ornamental plants, vegetables, fruit and berries. The product provides long-term protection and can be used all year round. TRICO Garden is diluted with water according to the recommendation on the packaging and used around plantations or on tree trunks. Do not use on plant parts to be eaten. Avoid doing the treatment when it is sunny or when the plant is wet, for example when it’s raining or when rain can be expected. TRICO Garden has been tested with the recommended dose on a large number of ornamental plants without any damage. However, feel free to test on a part of the plant before treating the whole plant.

    Dosage and use
    Trico Garden is easy to use. Dilute with water 1: 4 and then aplay by spraying the product on the plant. To get a long-lasting effect of Trico Garden, let it dry onto or around. The treatment should therefore not be carried out in case of risk of rain or fog, nor in case of frost. Trico Garden is water resistant when dried.
    Use plant protection products with caution. Always read the label and product information before use.