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  • A blue colored book called "Lavinboken" with a picture of a guy mountain skiing on the cover
  • The backside of a book with a picture of people skiing and a summary of the book.
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The book written in swedish is written for you who love to ride off-piste and go on summit tours. In other words - for you who must be able to decide on your own whether it is safe to ride on the slope in front of you.

Step by step, you will learn avalanche risk assessment, companion rescue and how to reduce the risks of climbing and carrying out. An entire chapter is devoted to risky behavior among us skiers, something that has attracted increasing interest among avalanche researchers worldwide in recent years.

This is the third revised edition of the book with new material on these topics:

- More about the human factors, and what they really are.

- Comrades rescue with new international guideline links for how to probe and dig.

– Decision support for off-piste skiers.

The author Mårten Johansson has worked actively with avalanche safety for 15 years and runs Åre lava center, Sweden's only center for avalanche safety. Nowhere else in the country is so much information and experience collected about avalanches and avalanche accidents.

Number of pages: 192

Release year: 2017