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  • A black colored book called "Eldmat" with a picture of food cooking on a bonfire on the cover laying on a gray background
  • A black colored backside of a book with a picture of two guys sitting next to a bonfire and a summary of the book
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This book written in swedish is about something as simple as cooking over the campfire. There are few phenomena in life that create such satisfaction in us as fire, food and nature. It's about being in the moment, letting things take their time and spending time with each other.

The book goes through the most common fires for cooking, such as pagoda fire, star fire, hunter fire and pyramid fire. You will learn to use a frying pan, grill grate, halter and cast iron pot. Alongside the standard techniques, more special methods are described such as cooking on a flat stone or plank, in a smoke tent, directly in the embers or in a pit with hot stones.

In the last part of the book, you will find a collection of recipes with everything from charcoal buns and vegetable soup to reindeer stew and whole chicken over embers. It is only your own taste and imagination that set the limits. Have you tried baking buns in the oven or making a baked pizza on a griddle?