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  • Two small blue and pink porcelain cups and a purple porcelain condiment cup standing on a small gray colored porcelain platter
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Edith Bellod

Fika set by Edith Bellod

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This handmade porcelain fika set by Edith Bellod is perfect for sharing a fika moment with a friend. Each set includes small platter, 2 cups and small condiment cup. Fabricated in her studio in Paris, France. These cups are part of collection of wonderful ceramics by Edith. The color is not a glaze, but is actually tinted porcelain that is part of each piece. Therefore, the color is not something that can be scratched away. In fact, these pieces are very resilient and dishwasher safe. Edith suggests that stains from coffee or similar can be scrubbed away without damaging the porcelain. Also really great for mise en place. This is a handcrafted product. Please expect and appreciate slight variation in size and color Size: Platter 10cm x 17cm x 1,5 cm, Cups- 6cm(h) x 5cm(d), condiment cup 3cm(h) x 4cm(d)